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MODUM Chicago Magazine

Success Story

В гостях журнала Modum сегодня необычная женщина. Анна Резник - одаренная танцовщица, прекрасный педагог, сильная личность и заботливая мама. Такие качества, собранные в одном человеке, вызывают восхищение. Мне посчастливилось зарядиться невероятно сильной энергетикой от Анны, узнать о её жизненном...
Berny, you are quite famous from what I know, but what can you tell me about yourself? What made you get into fashion, especially designing your own styles? At what age did you discover your love for fashion? Did...


A healthy lifestyle is not so easy

A healthy lifestyle is not so easy

Nowadays, being able to say that you follow a healthy lifestyle has become very popular. Whatever you mean by that. And when you do...

Test Drive


Mercedes Maybach 6—Unity of Style and Function

Auto companies never get tired of surprising us with new cars. It seems that in our century of non-stop progress, a company has to...

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things to do NYC

Weekend in NYC

When you travel, you always learn something new. If you are from Chicago, New York City may sometimes surprise you with its contrasting social ethics....