MODUM Magazine is the first glossy magazine in Russian and English languages.




Its stated target audience, which are experienced social butterflies interested in finding time for leisure. The primary reach is recreation and entertainment.

The following content could be found by readers on the pages of the magazine:

  • Photo reports and reviews from the hottest parties as well as previews of upcoming events
  • Interviews with the most renowned figures in the industry
  • Exclusive interviews with special guests from the most sensational events in the social and night life of Chicago, Miami and New York
  • Furthermore, project MODUM organizes concerts and delivers, exclusive interviews with celebrities coupled with intriguing facts and news of their lives.

MODUM readers are:

Active and souled -, young people, interested in the greatest events related to show business, and , experts of night life who would love to find their photographs on pages of glossy magazines.

  • Epicures of recreation, entertainment, beauty, health and success
  • Business pacemakers, event organizers, owners and top-managers of nightclubs, restaurants, bars, galleries, exhibitions, etc. Magazine activities are focused on Beaumont of Chicago, Miami and New York.
  • Show-business stars

Top headings:
«Face» of the magazine—photograph of a famous or
promising person on the cover.
Eight page interview (with photo) in the first half of the magazine (about career, family, keys to success, hobbies – topics differentiate dependings on a person.

Success Story
Interview with a true hero of the present –
Successful, self-reliant, self-confident man certain and
assured in his future. Three-page interview (with photo) in the first half of the magazine (the main topic of an interview is selected by the interviewee based on the accents he/she wants to highlight: new project, name/brand promotion…)

Party Time
Since the primary goal  of glossy magazine is to report
and announce the about past biggest and the most
anticipated parties and announce most anticipated ones, the main content part of the magazine is all inclusive about all that. Photo reports from the most sensational parties, concerts and, presentations together with worthy comments of worthy will be
published in each very issue, of the magazine summarizing the results of night life of the past month.
Also, some of the pages will be dedicated to most anticipated upcoming future events that are party-animal-must-visit it events.

Reviews of the fastest, most comfortable, bold and daring novelties in auto market. Presentations of new car releases and car maker’s pitches that are still being in a search for its admirers. Interviews with experts in its field: dealers, automobile brand ambassadors,
racers, etc.
In addition, every quarter we will publish the best-rated automobiles for families, newly-weds, women with kids, young and single.

Worst and Best
It is a small rubric strictly based on the polls from our website. Monthly, readers will chose the best and the worst restaurants, bars, clubs, parties, etc. The vote number will be published in each issue.

This rubric is dedicated to night life. Readers will be finding materials and articles about the beauty, health, healthy eating, sports as well as description of services of reposing, beauty, health and relaxation industries such as SPA-centers, fitness-centers and, beauty shop.

Special Project
The largest content of each issue is united by a single subject-matter. For example, “Secular Lionesses of Chicago” (interview and photos of 5-8 brightest socialites that are beautiful, recognizable and interesting) or “Sexiest bartenders of Chicago” (a short interview and photo coupled with an opportunity to create a special cocktail and share a recipe).

  We are always available, and we   always work hard in
    order to diversify your social life