Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit: Shall We Run?

Lovers of an active lifestyle know that the most effective way to keep your body fit is by running. As you run, most of your muscles are working and your metabolism is revved up. But that doesn’t mean you should just shoot off your couch right now and start running.

Like any other physical exercise, running demands good preparation. We aren’t going to discuss pre-running exercises now; instead we’ll concentrate on the accessory that makes running comfortable: shoes.

nike-free-rn-motionUsually people pick out running shoes because they have soft soles (tennis shoes lose points here). However, any kind of running shoe, even a very expensive one, cannot completely flex for the foot as you move. Extensive research has proven that there is a particular mechanism whereby the foot expands and contracts as it impacts and lifts off, and this mechanism is beyond the capacity of a regular shoe. So, should we run barefoot?

Thanks to Nike we don’t have to do that. Back in 2004, Nike started work on a unique technology. The key point of this technology is the tri-star pattern of the soles that allows the shoe to expand, flex, and contract as you move your foot. Now these shoes are ready to wear.


Nike says this tri-star pattern follows the length and width growth ratio on impact, which makes the sole auxetic and lets your feet take control. While creating the Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit shoe, engineers also took into account the design. So you can run with ease and in style. Coming up are different colors to please any buyer.

The sole has another secret—it consists of two kinds of coating. One is inside, and it’s softer for the comfort of your foot. The second one is outside. This one is firm so that the shoes will last longer and not lose their appearance. The cloth upper part uses high-strength fibers stitched together in a shape that conforms to your foot while staying light and supportive where it’s needed the most.

Running in these shoes helps you avoid falling or sustaining leg injuries. Running can be dangerous, but if you use the best shoes you can be safe and get positive results.

Translated by Anna Shegay.

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