The weekend in Chicago

I’m the one who’s in love with Chicago forever. Every day is a chance to visit a new place, try some new food, get into a new yoga class, or have a cocktail while watching the stunning view from another rooftop.

Right after work on Friday night, I left for the Fall Wine Tasting at the East Bank Club on North Kingsbury Street. It was an elegant event on Riverfront Terrace featuring hors d’oeuvres and desserts. My friend Nickole and I tasted dozens of red, white, and sparkling wines from different continents, each with a unique flavor. Some had a light pleasant aroma you could enjoy endlessly.

Indoors, it was pretty crowded and loud. However, the guitarist played a variety of jazz compositions, and by the end of the night, it was evident that this had played a very significant role in making it a perfect experience.

 sparkling wine

After learning that all of the indoor tables were taken, my friend and I decided to check out the Riverfront Terrace. There weren’t so many people outside, so we easily found a spot. Tasting the sample of Prosecco from Australia on the quiet terrace with its view of the river was incredible. Occasionally, you could hear jazz music and the sound of the waves. That moment made me decide to take a bottle of the Prosecco home and have it with my girlfriends on a cold night. Now I’m glad I did so, as everyone loved it.

The Fall Wine Tasting was a luxury event. I was lucky to get in. The East Bank Club offers a lot of different events, but you have to be a member or a member’s guest to get a ticket. Hopefully, my experience will encourage you to become a member, which will also enable you to work out, dine, and enjoy the spa services. Another cool thing about this place is that President Obama is a member of East Bank Club as well.

The bottle of sparkling wine

The bottle of sparkling wine I took home was only the beginning of the weekend. Next, my girlfriends and I went to a place in River North called Untitled. It’s the restaurant where I celebrate my birthday almost every year. Untitled features delicious food, a bar, and lounges. However, in my opinion, what’s really special about this place are the shows. They are constant. If you go to their website (, you will find a calendar of events. It can be a live band concert or a dance show.

Later, after the show, they have a DJ. My girlfriends and I danced the night away at Untitled. You don’t want to leave the place until morning. I highly recommend you visit Untitled in River North.

Follow my reviews and learn where to go for breakfast and lunch. I know some incredible places with the most delicious pancakes. Not many people know about them, as they are family owned and located in different neighborhoods. Our readers deserve to be aware of the best places to enjoy a beautiful life.

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