Spring Makeup

Every woman wishes to be perfect and to feel confident about herself on that day. One of the most important things is your makeup, and so now that’s what we’ll talk about.

Makeup for Spring should be delicate and soft because men usually want to see their better half as a delicate angel rather than bright and sparkly like a Christmas tree. So put the accent on fresh and shining skin.


First things first: let’s get everything ready! Sounds like an excuse to go shopping, right?

We are going to use:

  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Translucent finishing powder
  • Highlighter with warm undertones
  • Bronzer
  • Eyebrow styler
  • Brown eye pencil
  • Brown eye shadow, white eye shadow with frosted finish, frosted white eye shadow (I have pink and gold undertones)
  • Mascara
  • Clear or light lip gloss

Start by exfoliating dead cells with the help of a face scrub. Then hydrate the skin with a rich moisturizing cream because during the winter months skin needs more care and hydration than during the summer. Wait about 15-20 minutes so the cream can soak in. And after that, you can start doing your makeup.

Apply foundation all over your face with a sponge, brush, or your finger. Pay attention to the front of your face near the ears and hairline, where the absence of foundation is especially noticeable. The right shade of foundation is the shade of your lower cheek near the neck. Concealer will help you to hide dark spots under your eyes and in the inner corner of the eye. Set the concealer with translucent finishing powder.

Then apply the highlighter under your eyebrows, on the cheekbones, and on the central part of your upper lip. Apply bronzer under the cheekbones to make your face look fuller and your cheeks less prominent.


Apply matt brown shadow on your eyelids and blend it from dark to light.

Apply some white shadow on the inner corner of your eye and on your eyebrow bones, and just a bit of frosted white on the middle of the eyelid for freshness. You can use the same frosted white shadow as a highlighter.

You want to stay feminine and delicate, but the wings of the eyes look very dramatic. Draw the line with a brown eye pencil on the lower lash line and blend it with a brush or a Q-tip. You don’t have to put anything on your eyebrows; just style them with a smart tool: an eyebrow styler. In that case, the look will be softer.

Put just a little bit of mascara on your lashes.


It’s better to use lip gloss instead of lipstick. These days many brands offer sweet lip glosses.


And remember that any look should be completed with your own self-confidence. So don’t be shy. Exude your inner light, and everything will happen the way you want it.

I hope you are the happiest woman around!

Truly yours, Tutushka

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Translated by Anna Shegay.