Ladies Night by Midwest Fashion Week and Hubbard Inn

Last Wednesday night on March 29, Midwest Fashion Week gathered the most prominent fashion bloggers and vloggers in Chicago for a few glasses of champagne. It was the Midwest Fashion Week Chicago’s first-ever Ladies Night where girls were able to win a raffle prize worth $1,000 and a custom shirt by designer Berny Martin of Catou.

The Modum Magazine and I were lucky enough to visit such a great social event and meet my fellow bloggers, writers, designers, musicians and even some lawyers. The event took place at the Hubbard Inn, which was surprisingly crowded for a Wednesday night. DJ Avi was there for music entertainment, who played the best hits of the last two decades. The whole crowd appeared to be enjoy their champagne and danced until midnight. It almost felt like a Saturday night, which means it was a success.

It was my first visit to Hubbard Inn, and I have no idea why I have never gone there before, as I live right down the street. The place has a unique feel. They are able to create a nostalgic and cozy environment surrounded by books, a fireplace and a movie from the 1960-s playing behind the bar. The Hubbard Inn is a combination of fashion, elegance and coziness. This is the place when you say, after your first visit, “Now I know where to go out for a drink!”

Berny MartinThe Ladies Night was a great chance to meet one of the best fashion designers in the industry, Berny Martin. That night you could recognize him by his fancy blue jacket and fashionable blue scarf, which was tied up the way I would never learn to tie. It was a pleasure to meet Berny Martin and, of course, take a picture with him for the record. Read interview with Berny Martin, Midwest Fashion Week.

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Enjoy the photos of the Ladies Night made by Alex Callejo. For more events and places to visit in Chicago, follow me on Twitter (@CNarizhna) and our magazine (@themodum.)

By Krystyna Naryzhna

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