Auto companies never get tired of surprising us with new cars. It seems that in our century of non-stop progress, a company has to differentiate itself from all the rest, right? Mercedes-Benz shows us how to do this easily and effectively.

Not long ago, Mercedes unveiled the stunning Maybach 6 coupe in Pebble Beach, California, in a so-called “beauty contest” car show. It features an elegant design and powerful functionality. Just hearing that, you’ll want to take this car out on the speedway. To understand all of the uniqueness of this car, you need to be familiar with a couple of its nuances.

First of all, you should know that the “6” in the name refers to a six-meter-long body with plenty of power.


This model is totally electric. A massive battery pack located along the bottom powers four motors, one per wheel. The engine can achieve nearly 750 horsepower, and the car will hit 60 mph in less than four seconds—a great result! Mercedes says the car offers a driving range of more than 200 miles. And with quick charging on the Combined Charging System standard, a five-minute jolt can add 62 miles of range. It can also be recharged wirelessly.

The exterior looks very smooth: gullwing doors, split backlight, boat tail rear, sleek hood, 24-inch rims, and a grille on the front made to look like the pinstripes on a suit. This makes the car totally distinctive.


The interior boggles the imagination with “inside-out” technology. The seat bottoms extend up into the door panels and the center console. The digital display screen runs the full width of the dash and even onto the door panels. Additionally, the windshield functions as a giant head-up display and is operated via gesture controls. Blue illuminated panels are futuristic.

Unfortunately, there is no release date and we don’t know when the Mercedes Maybach 6 will be available. So stay tuned.

Translated by Anna Shegay.