About Us

About Us

We call the project MODUM, which in Latin means “event,” “way,” or “mode.” The name reflects what our team has set as a foundation, because our main goal is to make sure that anyone can easily find an information about the best parties, presentations and , events, so one could attend them. The project can be found engaging for those who push music and club industry forward, who host and organize different events, and even those who look for hosting and organization’s assistance. It will be definitely interesting for individuals who expect to have the best time out, spend their money for recreation on a high level or simply to be “spotted.” Since this project has dual scope, namely for the recreation industry and entertainment field, our agency “MODUM” is truly a 911 for those who want to fill their weekends, holidays and vacations with splendid adventures. We are always available, and we always work hard in order to diversify your social life.

About the magazine: It is the first glossy magazine in Russian and English languages with its stated target audience, which are experienced social butterflies interested in finding time for leisure. The primary reach is recreation and entertainment. The following content could be found by readers on the pages of the magazine: – Photo reports and reviews from the hottest parties as well as previews of upcoming events – Interviews with the most renowned figures in the industry – Exclusive interviews with special guests from the most sensational events in the social and nightlife of Chicago, Miami and New York – Furthermore, project MODUM organizes concerts and delivers, exclusive interviews with celebrities coupled with intriguing facts and news of their lives.

MODUM readers are: Active and souled-, young people, interested in the greatest events related to show business, and , experts of night life who would love to find their photographs on pages of glossy magazines 

Faces of MODUM:

– Epicures of recreation, entertainment, beauty, health and success 

– Business pacemakers, event organizers, owners and top-managers of nightclubs, restaurants, bars, galleries, exhibitions, etc. Magazine activities are focused on beau monde of Chicago, Miami and New York.- Show-business stars

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