Where to go to eat at night? Roots Pizzeria.

Where to go to eat at night? Roots Pizzeria.


roots rizza 2Chicago is a big city and has everything you need. Well, almost everything. So many times, I have gotten out of school late at night hungry and found that all of the restaurants were closed. It used to be a big issue because who wants to eat hamburgers from McDonald’s every night?

Hungry Krystyna, looking for food at 10 p.m., finally found a solution. It’s called Roots Pizzeria. I have to say, it’s a pretty popular place, even though it opened only a few years ago in Ukrainian Village.

REVIEW: Roots Pizzeria

Roots doesn’t only have a kitchen open till 2 in the morning; it also features very good and healthy food. Besides the unique flavors of their pizza, they also allow you to build your own salad. For Eastern Europeans, it’s very significant to have a meal the way you want it.

Roots Pizzeria
, located at 1924 West Chicago Avenue, is the perfect solution for the late diner. You can order delivery or go there to build your own salad and pizza, even at 1 a.m.! What makes it a great spot is the combination of their open-late kitchen and their healthy food made the way you like it. The portions are huge. You will definitely box it to go. I should also mention that the panza sticks, as an appetizer, are really worth trying. At least, they are what I have been consuming for the last three years. Even though I moved out of Ukrainian Village, I still take a cab to Roots and always invite my friends to go with me.


For these three years, whether having dinner or just a cocktail at the bar, I’ve also enjoyed observing the customers at Roots. And one night became a special experience for my friend Natalia and me. One of those casual weekday evenings we both noticed a guy, and both of us were staring at him silently. Neither Natalia nor I said a word for about 30 minutes. He reminded me of someone, of a person I’ve seen somewhere before. Neither of us was sure. So finally, I broke the silence and said, “Natalia, don’t you think this guy looks like…” and she completed my sentence, “…like the guy from ‘Desperate Housewives’?” “Yes!” I screamed.

Шон ПайфромThe actor who played Bree’s son, Andrew Van de Kamp, finally noticed us being super excited and staring at him non-stop. We googled him right away and learned that his name was Shawn Pyfrom. “So, what are we gonna do now?” I whispered.

It was a regular Wednesday night. Unfortunately, Natalia and I were both too shy to do anything. We just kept staring at him and discussing the situation. We still regret we didn’t say hi to him. We could even have taken a picture with him, since no one would have believed us.

You won’t believe it, but we decided to do the following: knowing his identity, we both screamed out his name to see if he would turn back to look at us; right after that, we headed for the exit. We were so excited waiting outside and discussing what had just happened. A minute later, Shawn Pyfrom opened the door, smiled at us, took a cab, and left.

I agree it’s a strange story. But Natalia and I still remember it. I don’t know what a Hollywood star was doing in Ukrainian Village that night, but who knows, maybe you will get lucky and meet someone famous, too!

I’ve had a lot of interesting experiences at Roots. This place now seems like home, with nice people and delicious food. That’s why I’m sharing it with you, our dedicated readers. You don’t need to think about where to go to eat late at night if you are in Chicago. Roots Pizzeria is always there for you, open until the morning with food to pick up or get delivered. Create your own story connected to this place. Make your own memories with your friends and family!