Muzo: Learn How to Listen to the Silence

Muzo: Learn How to Listen to the Silence


Back in childhood, in the light of simple logic, we thought that we could record absolutely any and all sounds around us and then listen to them. Some people recorded their own voice just for fun; some recorded songs that were played on the radio; still others were thinking about bigger questions, like are we able to record silence? And then, in the middle of a noisy day, could we just put on our headphones and enjoy the silence? That idea, of course, is a great one, but it breaks some physical laws and is impossible for the moment.

But it’s not as bad as it seems! Recently Kickstarter (the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects) released a unique gadget that allows you to achieve absolute silence and save the wear and tear on your nervous system. Curious, right?

muzo 2

The name of that gadget is Muzo, and it works by applying anti-vibration technology. The sounds we hear come in the form of vibrations, so the farther we are from the source of the sound, the less we can hear it. This device can block sound vibrations and thereby reduce the noise around us. It is unlikely that we can reach absolute silence, but we can minimize any unwanted disturbances emanating from nearby.

Muzo is a small device that has only one button. You just have to attach it to any firm surface (a wall or a headboard) and press the button, and it’s turned on. The design is very simple, you can choose either white or black, and it fits into any room.

Muzo operates in three modes:

  • Serenity mode is a standard mode which creates silence by way of Anti-Vibration technology
  • Sleep mode is for light sleepers who achieve better sleep quality with Scene Creation technology
  • Secret mode works backwards to protect speech privacy by Sound Masking!

Besides this, Muzo is able to play music. For example, if you want to enjoy the sounds of wildlife, why not? It’ll even help you to relax better than complete silence. The device generates sound by vibrating the attached surface area. Sounds no longer come from a single source but from every particle of the surface instead. You can start meditating with this sound quality.


You can navigate the music by way of an app on your smartphone. This device is supposed to be in the stores in the beginning of spring 2017 and will cost approximately $200. Who knows how many new functions will be in Muzo in the future, but even right now it’s a good buy.

Go get it!

Translated by Anna Shegay.