Lovely Evening at IO Godfrey with DJ UZO. Hosted by VuePlanet &...

Lovely Evening at IO Godfrey with DJ UZO. Hosted by VuePlanet & UZO


The Godfrey Hotel’s IO Rooftop is becoming more and more of a litmus test for the Chicagoan house scene. With DJ UZO changing the night out game every now and then playing the gig in this venue, we observe how IO Rooftop is gradually becoming a go-to house music spot along with veteran house clubs and bars in Chicago. 

January 22, 2017Ozz-24 January 22, 2017Ozz-29
January 22, 2017Ozz-39 January 22, 2017Ozz-4 January 22, 2017Ozz-40
On January, 21 IO Rooftop held another event in a row of music educational weekends. Behind the DJ set – DJ UZO, on the dance floor – most enthusiastic, appreciative, knowing-how-to-party mood setters. We have seen guests beautiful from every angle and probably had a time too good to stop the music for the moment when collective laughter bursts out in the sudden silence we are tricked in by DJ UZO’s quick pause. January 22, 2017Ozz-19January 22, 2017Ozz-41

We wouldn’t call it a trend or fashion of the sound that would label this music stream as temporary. To be a true house music lover is a lifestyle arranged with music accompaniment. From the underground, from the urban environment house music is proven by DJ UZO to be fitting into the upscale hotel space, to be successfully delivered to the virgin and the tempted ears. 

January 22, 2017Ozz-7While everything around us is spinning like a Ferris Wheel off the hook one thing remains the same – we loved to party in every generation (no matter what your parents told you, right?), we are all for the party today and we are doing our best to invest in future of endless Fridays.