These words really capture the atmosphere that surrounds unique painter Olga Perchinskaya. Olga is a talented, wonderful woman with powerful energy. Being next to her, one cannot be in a destructive mode…everything leads to harmony.

These words really capture the atmosphere that surrounds unique painter Olga Percinschi. Olga is a talented, wonderful woman with powerful energy. Being next to her, one cannot be in a destructive mode…everything leads to harmony.

Ольга Перчинская - молодая художница из Молдавии

Olga Percinschi—a young painter from Moldova who works in a movement called metaphorical art—is already known not only in her homeland but also in Europe. Her work has been shown in the Louvre, in the parliament of Tuscany, and in Hungary, Romania and Poland, and now she is coming to do her first show in the USA.

  • When did you decide to be a painter and when did you realize that it could become your life’s work?

Firstly, I think that a person born with that gift—the gift of creativity, in other words—must create. And an individual who creates is always in a creative mode. I started to paint in my early youth–at six years old. And surprisingly, I still have some of them. It is a very positive thing that my parents have always supported me and told me, “You have to believe in yourself and your dream!” And now we are at my show in New York–this is one more step toward having faith in the idea that a person really can be wherever he wants to be and whoever he wants to be, if he has the power of this faith. Internal power and reserves will always help you to reach your goals.

  • Have you ever thought that your love of art could bring you money? Or did you just follow your dream?

A person has to set goals which will determine the direction he chooses in life, and I chose mine at 20 years of age. And actually, the fact is that the art chose me, I didn’t choose the art. What a person creates for sure has to bring him spiritual as well as financial and physical satisfaction. This is even more true now that we are now in America, where art is highly esteemed. People love art; they buy it, and they respect the creators of that art. I think we are those people who bring little pieces from different cultures, and we put them in the big melting pot that is the Big Apple. Today, at the show, many people came to me and said that my work is unusual and different from that of others. Before I started painting, I decided that I had to express myself that way, that there would be no artwork like mine nor a person like me. And if anyone sets the goal of showing his best in work, in love, in relationships, in everything, then he will have a better life.

Ольга Перчинская в Нью-Йорке

  • This is your first show in the USA; this is your start. How did you become successful back in your homeland?

I live in Moldova, but my father’s roots are Ukrainian and Polish, and my mother’s roots are Russian and Moldovan. This mix helps me to relate well to different cultures. I’m “cosmopolitan.” They say, “and the way to success was long,” even though I am still considered a young artist (laughing). I love what I do and I love people, and my respect for art has helped me to become successful.

  • What is the difference between your paintings and the paintings of other artists?

There are so many artists, in fact, and each of them brings something different. I work in a movement called metaphorical art. The forms that I create have a different interpretation. I believe in a combination of thinking, soul and body, and in the USA there is a movement called healing art, which is art that heals people. I do something similar to that because all the paintings that I create have an energy stream that has an influence on people. A person “eats” it, that positive energy that the world needs now. And those symbols that I put in my paintings have an influence on people’s subconscious, too. Why today did a minimum of ten people came to me asking about the same picture? Not only because it is so beautiful, there are many beautiful pictures in the world, but also because it is energetically powerful. People subconsciously lean toward power and energy. People who purchase my works say that they feel like there is a third person in their house. That’s because there is a lot of energy. And this is fascinating, for people in the USA especially, because people here are open to spiritual growth. These people “have eaten enough,” they have seen everything they can see, and now they can think about their soul. And my work is exactly about that. So this how I planned the show here.

Olga Perchinskaya

  • What secret would you like to share with our readers?

The biggest secret is to ask yourself, at least once in your life, what brings you harmony? If you ask yourself, you will always get an answer because the inner voice will give it to you. If you hear it and make a step toward harmony, you win. This is a secret of all successful people. Imagine if they were asked, “If you knew that death was coming very soon, what would you be doing?” They will all answer that they would do same as they are doing daily now, once they heard their inner voice telling them what to do. And when they listen to that inner voice, millions can find happiness and harmony.