Chef Riley Huddleston for MODUM
Photo by Stan Magoni -
As a child, many have had a wish to become a chef, but today’s interview is with the person that carried out this dream is quite successfully. Riley Huddleston very succinctly answered a few questions of interest for us.
A brief background on the Riley Huddleston. He is a native of Oregon, RH,  and has thrived and succeeded in his practice through many years studying to be a great chef and bringing his art to the level of practical magic. He is the winner of the award for the best “French fries” as well as aficionados magnificent culinary experiments, which are awaiting you in London House to give you incredible enjoyment for your taste buds.
Chef Riley Huddleston
Photo by Stan Magoni –
  • What gives you inspiration in creating your dishes?
I draw inspiration from my surroundings, if it’s a building or a painting. Also my staff inspires me.
  • What do you usually have for breakfast? Would you mind telling us a simple but delicious recipe for a breakfast?
I have Greek yogurt and granola. Simple and Tasty – scramble some eggs, put some Parmesan on top and call it a day.
  •  How many years have you been in the kitchen? Do you remember how your first professional day went? What was it like?

It’s been ten years, I cook professionally. Yes, it is not forgotten, it was um ..It was rough…working with such attention to detail when you don’t know what you are doing is hard. Chef always yelled at me.

Riley Huddleston
Photo by Stan Magoni –


  • How would you describe your style of cooking?
Reimagined American Cuisine which is innovative cuisine with a nod to American history
  •  Among all your dishes which is your favorite to prepare?
Smoked salmon tartare.
  •  What type of advice would you give to young budding chefs and those who want to devote themselves to culinary art?
Be fully vested and know it’s more than a job. It’s a lifestyle.
  • Do you remember your first experience in the kitchen? What was it like?
I used to make candy with my grandmother for the Holiday and that was amazing. It was our special family tradition we used to make candies for Christmas for everyone at church.
Photo by Stan Magoni –
  •  You studied in New England Culinary Institute, tell us a bit about how it is to learn being a chef? Did you have any favorite lessons?
The more you make mistakes, the more you learn how to fix the mistakes, and then you become a better chef.
I loved pastries-baking and making bread.
  • What does it feel like being Executive Chef, food and beverage Director at London House Chicago and Exclusive Chef at IO Godfrey? How do you feel about your great responsibility? Did you have stress and funny moments in work?
It’s a lot of hard work with lots of hours, but it’s worth it at the end of the day and very rewarding to train staff, interact with so many guests and see the guest’s reaction of the final product.
The stress is constant
Chef Riley
Photo by Stan Magoni –
  •  What is your favorite type of cooking?
Reimagined American Cuisine
  •  Tell us about the concepts of your style of cooking?
It’s all about the sourcing of the ingredients to make sure you are getting the best product available.
  •  And what tips would you provide for those attempting home-cooked meals, what can you tell us? How would people identify the best ingredients?
Having the right type of pans. They should talk with the produce department or the farmer to find out what’s in season.
  •   How often do you use cook books? Can you give any comment or advice about the authors of those books?
I have over 500 cook books that I use for inspiration on the regular. The authors are some of the best chefs in the world.
Photo by Stan Magoni –
  •  Who is a personality which inspires you the most?  Thomas Keller
  •  What is your favorite American food?  French fries
  •  More than ten years ago, people could not predict that they will enjoy the taste of raw fish, and sushi is now one of the most popular dishes. As the growing popularity of Mexican and Indian dishes provoke discussion in culinary circles, in your vision, which is tendentious in the food world? In preparation and preference?
I think it would be Mexican food
  • The 90’s was an explosion of junk food, now the world focuses on organic, gluten free, and vegetarian food, what are your thoughts on that?
I think health is a huge issue in our world and we need to continue to take care of ourselves
  •  One last question for today. How do you feel about your success and all that you’ve achieved in your career?
I feel that I have accomplished a lot, but there are still many more things to accomplish.
Thank you for all your time! That’s all for today!