Ukrainian designer develops a project to protect young athletes’ health in the US.

Ilya Pashkov from Ukraine is developing design for American interactive mobile platform Player’s Health. Its purpose is to provide documentation of kids’ injuries at school, sport practices and any other time. The application enables parents and coaches to enter new information and immediately find out about any changes which helps control the level of physical activity due to the current state of the child.

Pashkov’s 15 years of experience in design reflected in a functional and easy-to-use application aimed to protect health of the whole generation.

Ilya Pashkov

«Many professional athletes talk about their injuries that they got back in childhood, — Ilya Pashkov shared, — and how they couldn’t prove them because they weren’t stated anywhere.

And Player’s Health helps keep record of everything connecting to health, it’s like medical Facebook.»

Player’s Health

Along with creating Player’s Health Ilya Pashkov is currently working on another project, also aiming at future. It’s a unique space eCapsula that would help people work and rest in isolation in the overcrowded public places. Brainchild of Ukrainian entrepreneurs based in Chicago is a comfortably furnished mini-office with wi-fi access and impressive media library. The capsule is featured with high quality climate control, ventilation and smart safety system.

eCapsulaeCapsula can simultaneously host up to four people. Due to its visual form and functional features it perfectly fits crowded places like airports, hospitals, shopping malls, university campuses, parks, etc.

«It was one of our goals, — Ilya Pashkov stated — to make the capsule an object of architecture and design, futuristic and functional at the same time.»

Each capsule office is planned to be easily found on the map and booked for the necessary date and time.