Deaf Children in Need – Fundraiser

Deaf Children in Need – Fundraiser


Our dear friends and followers, we hope your days are filled with love, support, energy, and joy at all times. Being so fortunate to benefit from all the gifts we have in life we feel like we have an opportunity to be productive and as a consequence – caring.

We encourage you to join our initiative to donate for Ukrainian orphanage for deaf children. We simply don’t have a right to be ignorant, especially towards those who are lacking crucial life functions. Whilst we can observe, listen, move and speak up – these children need to intensively embrace three of their functions to make up for the forth. 

So, the idea is to help them with that challenge and make the rest of existence aspects so fulfilling that kids will have it incremented in their personalities and contributed for the adulthood. Please join our fundraiser to donate to the organization of the show at the orphanage facility. The sky is the limit – we can book entertainment crew, fascinating decorations, and delicious catering. Also, a huge portion of the donations will be used for the second best cause – to buy books as presents for kids. 

Your participation and attention will be highly appreciated. The way we were born is our fate, but they way we live is our choice. Thank you!

Link for the donations is here: