Lexus LF-FC: A car from the future

Lexus LF-FC: A car from the future

modum-lexus-fcv-lffc-2000x1100-lex-ffc-cy15-0002Every year the world automobile market offers us cars with interesting designs and “smart” features (it looks like soon the cars are going to choose the destination, instead of you), and there are some cars with an unbelievable maximum speed. Nowadays, it is very hard to surprise the buyer with “smart” features because of the never-ending progress in the car industry. So, to make a masterpiece, a company not only has to rely on previous experience, but also has to look to the future. This is what Lexus did.

modum-lexus-fcv-lffc-2000x1100-lex-ffc-cy15-0011In 2015, the Lexus LF-FC was featured at the Tokyo Motor Show. The car is an indication of a new generation of the LS model. The president of the company, Tokuo Fukuichi, stated that this car will change the concept of the automobile. Let’s see if this is true or not!

The first thing you see is its stylish design. The curved body, the cabin structure and the unusual huge spindle grille give it charm. The LED headlights form an “L.” The LF-FC has the grand and graceful appearance befitting a flagship sedan.

modum-lexus-lffcThe aluminum rims are 21 inches and Lexus also notes that the wheels use carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic components, presumably to lighten the car. With three drive motors, the LF-FC benefits from all-wheel drive, which could be used to fine tune stability and traction control (especially while turning). Lexus specifies a drivetrain consisting of one rear electric motor and two in-wheel front electric motors. Those motors get electricity from a fuel cell stack and on board hydrogen tanks.

modum-lexus-fcv-lffcThe interior features plush seats with a business-class look. The seats are made of aniline leather, and you can enjoy them even in the horizontal position. The car has sensors to analyze the interior and react to any changes promptly. If you would like to change the temperature inside, you can do so with a gesture or with a voice command; the “smart” car will understand you both ways. The autopilot is “smart,” too. Japanese manufacturers have been improving their autopilot system for many years to lower the risk of accidents to a minimum.

Of course, Lexus didn’t reveal all the features and nuances of the car, so that the buyers will remain intrigued.

modum-test-drive-lexus-ffc-cyThe Lexus maintains its beautiful design, its high technology and its comfortable drive. Surprised? I told you so!