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My name is Krystyna Naryzhna. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Communication, Media and Theatre with a minor in Journalism. I am obsessed with entertainment in North America and would love to share my ways of entertainment and enthusiasm with you. I personally do not like to waste time with music that is not worthy, lowly restaurants, and low energy events. I am interested in superb and excellent art only, and would like for you to stay aware of the most interesting events in Chicago and other cities of the Unites States at all times. Our readers deserve the greatest and most worthy updates of the contemporary life-style!



МОНРО: Попала в сети. Социальные…

Всем привет! С вами неугомонная Монро прямиком из столицы Украины - цветущего Киева. В-первую очередь, спешу поздравить редакцию журнала «MODUM» с рождением и выходом в свет....