Lowkey – Chicago Debut – LA MEZ – March 17th, 2017

Lowkey – Chicago Debut – LA MEZ – March 17th, 2017




Lowkey is pleased to announce that he will be performing in Chicago on Saint Patricks Day; March 17th, 2017. This will help him take a giant leap into the music industry since Chicago is known for its underground music scene.


After two fantastic long months on tour, Lowkey has established a lot of new relationships that have opened many doors and granted him new opportunities. This year there will be a lot more from Lowkey as far as new production, visuals, collaborations with new artist and of course crazy performances. Lowkey’s mission is to create a new wave in the music industry

With this new year, Lowkey will also be making some changes. Lowkey is ecstatic to announce he will be doing a weekly podcast starting April 15th.The podcast will consist of various topics such as what’s new in the industry, song releases, as well as DJtech reviews  This will allow him to connect with his fans on a more personal level.

Lowkey also looks forward to continuing his great relationship with sponsor Herculean and all his fans—and with only 7 days until show time, Lowkey is in full gear.

Lowkey looks forward to seeing you In Chicago on March 17th!


Reservations: https://www.mercaditorestaurants.com/

Music: https://soundcloud.com/user-145912624/lowkey-starchild