VEL JOHANSSON: I will be your first captain of a big party-ship!

VEL JOHANSSON: I will be your first captain of a big party-ship!


_L0B5231-2Hi to all readers of the most stylish and most modern magazine “MODUM”!
Let us meet up!
My name is Vel Johansson. I’m Ukranian with Swedish roots and the most tattooed DJ and anchorperson in Ukraine. At the same time, I’m a showman, singer, radio host, actor, and sound producer. Happened, that I was born in Ukraine, Poltava region, the place, wherein 1709, the army of Swedish King Karl XII was defeated. And, as I see, my ancestors didn’t want to come back home, so they settled in that beautiful country.
But this is historical fact now, excursus, to say so, but we are living in a different time now. So, let’s leave History for students (smiling). Like the old Scandinavians or Vikings, I have a fighting spirit, so I always try to be at the right place at the right time. Like right now I’m with you while you are reading my rubric.
10314002_1037712336249692_2084715788091954570_nMy creative activity I started back in 2007 was reading rap, and debuting with two songs in a club. And when our performance breaks a record, at that time, I understood that we could make a good product. Since that time there were a lot of good projects in different fields, shooting in various shows and advertisements, shooting video clips and movies. They still call to me to participate in those. After all those different events and performances, at that period, I want to talk about it more and more.
_L0B5013-2As I said earlier, I’m a sound producer, and I write my tracks as feat. by Dj Kristyen. We write and release official remixes and mashups for many hit stars. Well, as I’m a DJ with huge experience behind me how could I not share this experience with the younger generation?

Yes, you are right, I’m a teacher too (smiling). By the way, recently there was a show shooting on the main Ukrainian channel where I was teaching the main character to dj. It might appear like an ordinary story, but the character was actually entirely blind.
Here is a little digression …or addition (smiling).

Why is my rubric going to be interesting? Well, I think, because I never stay at one place. I always advance myself and go into different areas so later I can share everything with you. Also, I’m an active touring DJ; I can pass to you all the details and emotions of a club life, festivals, all kinds of social events, where I host, and of course to introduce you to celebrities that I meet every day, from first-hand experience. My manner of expression of my thoughts is a little bit different from other articles, so our communication is going to be a bit different too. We are going to be at the same level and speak the same language you talk to each other on different parties and events.
12705157_1063537713667154_152015937221138398_n_L0B5217-212871482_1123133731040885_376707481787585270_n1918321_1085018168185775_7725101176462390239_nEvery cool event has a few crazy stories. Guided by my long-term experience, I can say one thing: club and social life is one big show! And that show is not just because, but because all the people of the planet Earth crave some “Meal’n’Real”. I am too, multiple times, during the show I’ve jumped in a pool, during festivals I’ve jumped from the stage with a water-gun filled with alcohol, usually it was whisky, rum or tequila (laughing), played music, while an armored vehicle, a BRDM-2, rolled up to the club, which was filled with 104 kW.
12141655_1066592316695027_3573666065693646733_nIt was incredibly cool: girls are swinging the flags, great soundtrack playing while we are performing, emotions of those present go off-scale, there is no way to stop dancing. And there are a lot more stories like that in my life long experience. And that is what I like to share with you, the brightest and exciting moments from the events I visit personally. So that your journey on endless scopes of loud music, lighted with a bunch of soffits and laser shows, bright flashes of the stroboscopes and twinkles of other gizmos, backed up with explosive energy of a DJ and more, begins! All that is real only in my rubric, and you can choose the events that you need! That’s why, grab some popcorn and Coke, or something stronger, and we will start our cruise of big party-ship where I will be your unaltered captain!

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Vel Johansson - DJ, MC, певец, шоумен, ведущий светских событий, саунд продюсер, радиоведущий и резидент радиостанции «Happy Radio». Яркий и харизматичный обладатель неординарной внешности, популярный украинский ведущий, радиоведущий, DJ и MC, актёр, ех-солист танцевально-экстремального проекта «КиевЭлектро» - все это про него. Парень со шведскими корнями и нашей душой с 2007 года стал известным на украинской сцене. Публике он знаком также и, как ведущий крупных светских событий, организатором и соорганизатором многих тематических мероприятий: конкурсов красоты, обучающих тренингов, семинаров, мастер классов, фестивалей, фешен показов, спортивных событий, клубных вечеринок, и даже боев в клетке. За плечами Вэла Йохансона есть и актерский опыт. Парень принимал участие в сьемках камеди-шоу «Файна Юкрайна», во многих сериалах и фильмах стран СНГ, а также клипах украинских и зарубежных исполнителей. Ведущий имеет непосредственное отношение к кинематографу, его голосом часто говорят герои известных всем мультипликационных фильмов. Вэл - участник известного во всем мире телепроекта «Х-Фактор» (украинская версия) и частый гость других телепроектов на украинском телевидении. Но всеже главной заслугой, благодаря которой Вэл стал известнен большинству почитателей своего творчества стала работа ди-джеем и МС. Его практически всегда можно увидеть в самых больших и ведущих столичных клубах, на всевозможных фестивалях, а также open air, а его жизнь уже давно сменила свои 180 градусов, превратившись в одну сплошную работу, как днем, так и ночью. Сеты, композиции, мэшапы, ремиксы под лейбом «Vel Johansson» можно услышать на самых масштабных радиостанциях Украины и стран СНГ. Год назад он решил поделиться своим талантом игры в качестве ди-джея и начал преподавать ди-джеинг в киевской школе талантов «High Up – Классы высокого мастерства» Несколько фактов о личности Vel Johansson: Входит в топ 3 самых крутых бородачей по версии журнала «Теле Гид». Один из самых татуированных ведущих и диджеев Украины. Имеет опыт и свой преподавательский курс диджеинга. Узнаваемость: медийное лицо и голос (Tv, Radio)