11220123_10205412735733347_4569780079024796652_nHi everyone!
If there’s anyone out there who still doesn’t know me, my name is Victoria Bessarab, and I have made the commitment to be your beauty expert in our beautiful “MODUM magazine”.
First things first. Let’s meet again. Maybe some of you missed our first date on the website of the magazine, so I will repeat again…Every month I will be your guide to the world of beauty, including makeovers and fairy tales.
bessarab-v-1In fact, we’re not talking about fantastic or supernatural changes here, but about real things that can help you to love yourself when you look in the mirror; surprise yourself with a change of image by learning important secrets of make-up and different ways to look more attractive.
Recently, I have been running my school, named the “Victoria Bessarab School,” and I have also been a general make-up artist for the biggest TV channel of Ukraine, STB. I think there is no one among Ukrainians and Americans who has never heard of shows like “X-Factor,” “Ukraine Got Talent,” “Everybody Dance,” “Ukrainian Supermodel,” etc.
MjcuMDEuMjAxNi0xMzozNzQzNzM411325Those are the projects that have kept me busy 24/7. But all of that has been hidden from view because you can’t see the make-up artist’s job on your screen; the process always stays behind the scenes (smiling). During many years of working for STB, I not only did make-up but also became friends with such public figures as Slava Frolova, Igor Kondratuk, Irina Dubtsova, Natalia Bochkareva, Elka, Sergey Sosedov, Anfisa Chehova, Serega, Oksana Bairak, Tatiana Denisova and many more.
11824997_10205412560288961_8245202875041829729_nActually, I don’t like bragging. But to show you who I used to work with so you can trust me, I have to share my life experience with you. This way you can see that I gained recognition not because of who I am, but because I do my job like nobody else can.
I graduated from several make-up schools, participated in different contests and even went to the US to study. I won second place in an international competition. I don’t want to talk more about myself because you can read about me on my page on the “MODUM” website.
I hope we will become friends and meet on the website and in the pages of “MODUM”.

Now, to the issue!
For the first issue, I have prepared a simple but important post with recommendations. And we’ll start with summer make-up.
One of the main rules of summer make-up is: if you use make-up, don’t apply it like a mask. To look natural during the summer, you have to decrease by at least half whatever you used before. That is, you have to put on your make-up very lightly and in a thin layer.
As for primer, I recommend using something light and airy, like BB cream or Light Tones Face & Body. I suggest putting it on with your fingertips. Because of your body heat, it will lay on very smoothly. For sure, you never thought about that before (smiling).
Тон кремIn the summer, I recommend that you not use powder or, if you cannot live without it, that you put on a very thin layer and use the clear matte variety. But better to put it only on the T-zone.
Also, use a lip balm in the summer. It is crucial to prevent your lips from getting too dry and from cracking. For example, “Carmex” and “Lucas Papaw ointment”.
ГубыUse resistant cream shadow for the eyes that lasts up to eight hours. I like Maybelline Shadows. But don’t overuse it. In the summer, when it’s hot, you have to apply one and only one color to the moving part of the upper eyelid.
color-tattoo-eyeshadows-by-maybellineAs for mascara, for summer I suggest using something waterproof, because that way it won’t melt in the heat and leave a mark. Dior and Maybelline is better.
ТушьPick a cream texture in rouge only. This will look very fresh and not obtrusive.
In general, summer is vacation time, so let your body and your face rest. And remember, wherever you are do not apply make-up fanatically. Summer doesn’t like artificial colors. Apply everything that you have decided to but in a very thin layer.

I hope your summer is bright and fun, and your face always looks young!

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Виктория Бессараб – одна из лучших звездных гримеров Украины, обладательница второго места в международном конкурсе визажистов в Лос-Анджелесе “Battle of the brush”, а также главный художник-гример телеканала СТБ. В списке проектов, над которыми работала Виктория, самые масштабные телевизионные шоу страны: «Танцуют Все», «Х-фактор», «Танцы со звездами», «Україна має Талант», «Супемодель по-Украински», а также постановки - «Барон Мюнхгаузен» и «Вартові мрій». Среди постоянных клиентов Виктории: Ёлка, Ирина Дубцова, Сати Казанова, Виктория Дайнеко, Серега, Игорь Кондратюк, Сергей Соседов, Влад Яма, Лилия Ребрик, Слава Фролова, Дмитрий Танкович, Алла Костромичева, Константин Томильченко, Оксана Байрак, Олеся Жураковская, Вячеслав Узелков, Анфиса Чехова, Анна Пославская, Наталья Бочкарева, Татьяна Денисова и многие другие. Виктория Бессараб стала первой украинкой, представившей свои работы на престижном международном конкурсе визажистов в Лос-Анджелесе Battle of the brush в рамках известной выставки IMATS, где заняла второе место. Осенью 2015 года Виктория окончила Cinema Makeup School – одну из лучших школ в Голливуде. Ее учителем по пластическому гриму был Шеннон Шиа, работавший в фильмах «Парк Юрского периода», «Терминатор», «Спайдермен». Вика стала первой представительницей Украины, проходившей обучение в этой школе. Ранее Виктория Бессараб окончила КНУТД по специальности «дизайнер, художник-модельер по прическам и декоративной косметике». Обучалась в школе Аллы Чури, чешской студии FX-creator (3 курса), в парижской школе макияжа Atelier, прошла мастер-классы Руслана Татьянина, Патрика Камерона, Кристины Елизаровой, Анастасии Дурасовой и других. Была судьей на конкурсе «Beauty award» в рамках выставки «Технология красоты ХХІ столетия».