Last Fall Tesla Motors launched a new crossover SUV Tesla X. Manufacturer complemented the Model X with the most amazing features. It looks like a future car from outside, and also one can see the best parts of the different vehicles – you can find windows like in Audi A 5 without aluminum frames, and you can see a shadow of Mercedes SLS in falcon wing doors. The most impressive thing, in this car, is acceleration. If you decide to stomp on the accelerator, you will get a big surprise. But remember, the battery goes down faster too.

I, personally, have a question: WHY does this car need 772 horsepower? Tesla Motors featured it as a family car after all. Apparently, after taking your kids to school in the morning and a Lamborghini pulls up right next to you, and you just start to surprise everyone around you. Then, you just drop off your gray-haired kids at school and drive off to run errands.

This car is available in three models:

-Model 75D

-Model 90D

-Model P90D

Today we will talk about 75D.

Tesla Model 75D is a four-wheel drive, so with this car, you have nothing to be afraid of it will quickly drive through any mud or ice. One more point to engineers.

The length of the car is 500 cm, the width is 208,3 cm, the height is 126,6 cm. The wheelbase is 306,1 cm. The sturdy car has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can last from 7 to 10 years. Large, safe and reliable- what else could you possibly need to be satisfied? 🙂

Now, we look closer at this crossover.

The most impressive thing about it is the Safety First Design from inside out. Model X continually scans the surrounding roadway with a camera, radar and sonar systems, which provides the driver with real-time feedback to help avoid collisions and is designed to apply brakes automatically in an emergency. Also, Tesla Motors created useful filters to stop dust, bacteria and viruses, and is a bioweapon defense mode that can protect inhabitants from a biological attack.

Tesla-Model-XNow, the interior. New Tesla has no door handles. Now, it is only buttons. So, you just need to push the chromium-plated button to open the door. Here might be a possible problem. If the door freezes at winter time, you still can pull the door handle and open it, but with these buttons you do not have anything to pull for. The doors also now open and close automatically. The car ‘feels’ when you are coming to it and opens the doors for you. When you sit in the car and push brakes the doors close by itself. How cool is that? Cool indeed. But here you have a nuance too. Front doors only have “resistance sensors”, which are touch sensors. Sonars of the back doors and autopilot help the car to ‘see’ obstacles on the sides. This is how Model X easily ‘sees’ a car right next to it, but in the very beginning, the car can make mistakes. However, with the time the doors will work better and better. Tesla Motors says that the car opens more carefully after a few weeks of use. And Model X can comfortably seat seven people within three rows and is regulated by buttons.


Travelers are going to be surprised that Tesla can travel now. Tesla Motors equipped more than a hundred stations in each state to make the trips comfortable and easy. You can use Charger Estimator on the official website to see how much time you have to charge your car for a particular amount of miles. A very useful tool. Moreover, you can choose from default or personalized settings.

The advantage of this car is that you don’t need to put gasoline, change oil or anything like that. Put your car on a charger and when the time comes just enjoy all the perks of an electric car.

Tesla cars have one more fascinating thing- autopilot from Google. That allows you to make a trip more comfortable and safe. You can drive the vehicle from your IPhone or Smartwatch.

The only minus of this car is the high price for a family car, so not every family can afford it.

tesla x

To summarize: for me the Tesla is a fascinating car with its unique features. The car is respectable for innovation and design, but to buy or not to buy is a personal choice for each person.