Monro: Naked celebrities – fashion, necessity or “body for sale”?

Monro: Naked celebrities – fashion, necessity or “body for sale”?


%d0%bc%d0%be%d0%bd%d1%80%d0%be02A big hi to everyone!
Recently, your irrepressible Monroe took a look at iTunes to see what the modern music market is offering. You do buy albums of your favorite artists to support their intellectual labor, don’t you? You don’t download pirate versions of their songs, do you (laughing)?! Ok, you can lie to me this time.

So the very first banner announces a new album by pop-princess (geez, I hate PR labels) Britney Spears! I saw a slim, I would say slender, Miss Spears peering back at me from the picture. My first thought was, “Photoshop, again!” But recently I saw her on stage in Las Vegas, on YouTube of course (smiling), “with a figure like a sculpture,” as my mom used to say. It looked like the Britney of the early 2000s, when her innocence, together with her mellow timbre and sharp choreography, made millions of teenagers around the globe crazy. There is minimal clothing: a wide white band over her chest and hips is hard to call clothing. The pose (a finger by her lips) and the atmosphere (little clothing) demonstrate a strong desire by the artist to get to the summit of Mt. Everest: the album chart of “Billboard” Magazine.
But our conversation is not about the beautiful Britney. There are a bunch of random people appearing and disappearing from show business in the U.S. and back home. It might be enough to have a father’s or a sugar daddy’s money, a cute face, big boobs and a great voice to climb to the top of Everest. But you can stay there only if you are a hardworking, sociable person with common sense. In addition, image (which forms only with time and, in the end, becomes a specific characteristic of a particular artist) plays a big role in show biz. Producers and stylists, by the way, help artists out with this difficult task.
Let’s look at Britney one more time: in the beginning of her career, producers relied on her image of innocent school girl, even though it’s a known fact that many American teenagers start having sex around thirteen. But the trick worked! Teenagers were delighted, they copied their idol and the record label counted its profits. As the years went by, Britney became a woman and her audience became older, too. Now, they don’t want white knee-high socks, they want some thigh-high stockings with a garter belt. No sooner said than done. Britney started to wear short tops, a scoop neckline, net stockings and “I love rock ‘n’ roll.” This much is self-evident: the more skin you expose, the better it sells! And an artist is like any other product to be sold, although he or she moves, sings and is available to be photographed with! And that sells big time! I’ll never forget when one of my “rich” friends bought a VIP ticket for Britney Spears’ concert in Kiev for $1000!!! The VIP part was to go behind stage after the concert and be able to take pictures with Miss Spears. Afterwards, I asked my friend, “how was she?” She answered, “Like a robot! Fake smile with white teeth. They took a picture on their camera, then edited it in Photoshop and sent it to me.”
But let’s get back to our topic! Actually, all young female pop singers start with a “doll” image—Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Christina Aguilera. But after a few years, girls become women waiting for permission to undress. Same with super scandal Lady Gaga, who started with modest clothing and now is ready to perform naked on stage.

ladygaga02Charming Miley Cyrus got her first dose of fame playing in the Disney series “Hannah Montana.”
hanna_montana_mayli_sayrus_mayli_styuart_miley_cyrus_hannah_montana_miley_stewart_63520_1280x1024%d0%bc%d0%b0%d0%b9%d0%bb%d0%b8-%d1%81%d0%b0%d0%b9%d1%80%d1%83%d1%81Once she was done with her Disney contract, she changed radically from a teenage girl to a cheeky, sexy mama. Miley Cyrus’ Instagram look sticking her tongue out is famous. By the way, I got banned by Facebook for a day for the Miley Cyrus swimsuit picture from her last tour, which was a plastic bra imitating a naked breast and a G-string (smiling). And she’s the one performing in front of the American teenage audience as they scream with delight! I don’t understand what Mister Zuckerberg’s logic is? (Smiling)

If we look back at the history, Madonna was the first to undress on stage. Thanks to her, singers nowadays can show off all their charms and not be ashamed. And the audience likes it and it’s normal to look at boobs, butts, hips, etc.
madonnanicki_minaj_anacondaBut sometimes you get scared by Nikki Minaj’s bottom moves (laughing)! Back in 1992, Madonna connected once and for all music language and body language with her book “Sex” and the video clip “Erotica.” Her bravery and nudity almost cost her career. At 58, she was showing off her fitted form again and again in erotic photoshoots and concerts to fend off the attacks of age and public opinion. Even today, the public cannot fully accept the thought that man was created naked.
449x600_1_754f404ce2620eace293d1acdc381e27449x600_0x59f91261_11585032981417509063As potential consumers, we can only imagine how our favorite artists will change in the future. While hunting for fame, money and clothing, the artist will have to remember the most important thing, which is not to forget about the music, the lyrics and the responsibility to the listener!

%d0%bc%d0%be%d0%bd%d1%80%d0%be03Live tasty and harmonically!

Your irrepressible Monroe

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