On September, 10 2016 #UNITEDINAMERICA have turned another party into one in a kind event in the Rookery bar. Official Afterparty of Ukrainian Village Festival had all the signature components of #UNITEDINAMERICA crew – unique and soulful mixes of DJ UZO and NORdjs, friendly vibes, authenticity, and diversity. The key to bringing these efforts together into one piece and inspire to improve and organize more alike events is always people that make #UNITEDINAMERICA bonds stronger. Talent, good taste, open mind, bold personality, sense of humor, love to the music and ability to cherish the moment bring the special appeal to the #UNITEDINAMERICA crew. The product is beautiful, interesting and honest. We encourage to keep up with #UNITEDINAMERICA updates on their upcoming events because what you feel in their environment is what matters the most. Make connections, learn something new and enjoy yourself.

“Events that we make is the tool for creating a #UNITEDINAMERICA community. We take our mission and create home away from home with people and for people. The USA is where we chose to live, to work, to learn. And just like getting a job and a house is important – so is belonging to the community that gives you an opportunity to express yourself through your music, art, fashion, business, and culture” – Uzo Udu, founder of the UNITED IN AMERICA.


Video: Tomasz Niemiec –
Music: Світлана Тарабарова – Я кажу так! (Tima Fei Video Edit)
Written by: Tais Kotova

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