Review: Lollapalooza after-party with Isa Machine

Review: Lollapalooza after-party with Isa Machine


Last weekend was very long and saturated. Although, I did meet a lot of interesting people and even had a chance to party with Isa Machine, the artist from the Florence and the Machine. She was a DJ at Godfrey’s rooftop after-party for Lollapalooza musicians and their fans. I have to say that Isa’s music was unique to compare with other DJ’s. It was a pleasure to meet her, as she was very friendly with everyone. Most of us had a chance to take selfies with her and chat for a while.

The after-party at Godfrey Hotel rooftop was an unforgettable experience. The city view in addition to Isa Machine’s music, I can definitely say, made everyone’s entire weekend. Plus, I have heard that One Direction was present there too. However, I was so obsessed with Machine’s performance that I forgot to look around for other musicians that were partying.


Godfrey is a pretty popular place in Chicago. The owner is always very generous. The Bartenders were named the best bartenders in Chicago. From my own experience, I can say that the grapefruit martini is the best cocktail I have ever gotten out of any other bars and lounges. Godfrey is now popular as never where you can pretty much meet nationalities from all over the world.