·         Who are you? How do you identify yourself?

Who am I? I am a human being! But in all honesty, I am a human being who wants to share this non-ordinary life of mine with the rest of the world. I want to provide insight into things that can change the world one day at a time. I have an amazing collection of pictures from all over Chicago, and you have to stay tuned to see them!

My daily life involves being a businessman, DJ, music director, content creator, photographer, fashion lover, and a person who likes to hear people’s ideas and share my own. I am a jack of all trades. Due to my personal background (my roots are Nigerian, Cameroonian and Russian, but I was born and raised in Ukraine and live in Chicago), I cannot identify with just ONE culture, ethnicity or social environment. I like to be everywhere and know things from multiple points of view. This is why I have friends in all parts of the world!

Thus, I can identify myself as a HUMAN BEING of the world. 🙂

·         What are you most famous for? What is the interesting story behind your name? How did you become successful?

I would not say that I am famous-famous. I am just an ambitious and determined young guy who wants to turn a certain set of thoughts, dreams and ideas into a reality. In Chicago, I am a co-founder of UNITED IN AMERICA, music director for Midwest Fashion Week, brand representative for Moldova Deluxe, event planner for Mi Casa Holiday, and a downtown DJ. I play house music that is eclectic and different from what you would typically hear in the club. Don’t believe me?

Check out my page:


I have been very excited to join The Modum Magazine because now my fellow readers can see life through my eyes. I love to be the guy who can always provide you with information about what is what in Chicago, especially where to go and what to do. I am passionate about the city I live in and, as many of my friends know, if I say that we are going to a restaurant “right around the corner,” this may mean going on a 20-minute walk to explore the world that surrounds us.

Ever since my early childhood, I have been around music. It has driven me more consistently than anything else. My first DJ gig was at 13 years old. I will never forget it; it was my parents’ wedding! But to be more serious, I have been working as a professional DJ since I was 18 and have been playing in various high-end venues from Indianapolis, Indiana (where I have spent most of my life), to Miami, and of course Chicago. Here in Chicago, I am proud to be a part of a collective and community that creates networking and exchanges for social connections.


My friends Tima Fei and Mir and I founded UNITED IN AMERICA, and we have created and participated in over 50 events, shows and concerts to date. By working with non-profits and other business organizations in the city of Chicago, we have raised over $500,000 in charity funding. We care about our community and this is why we are UNITED IN AMERICA.

·         What should our readers expect from your activity?

To all readers, fans, friends, family and random music listeners (you better be listening to my music right now…just kidding, no, but seriously)… by following me in and on social media, I hope you can see life through my eyes and lenses. I have the ambition to be the one who will tell you everything you need to know and do in the city of Chicago, including exclusive events, VIP access and hot news in the spheres of music, fashion and business.

Events from DJ UZO


September 24

Chance The Rapper’s Magnificent Coloring Day

U.S. Cellular Field, 333 W 35th St, Chicago, Illinois, 60616

1:00 p.m.

A live concert by Chicago based hip-hop band Chance the Rapper’s. Tickets are available on

Tickets: $35-150.

October 19th – 22nd

Chicago Midwest FASHION WEEK

Address: upcoming on the official website.

Chicago Midwest Fashion Week will present collections from Wonderful designers and seminars.

Tickets are available here










Just remember one thing! Always share positive vibes!!!

Stay tuned for more…

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